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Write a TV Series this summer with Young Screenwriters!

Get Writing the Pilot for 30% off until July 20th!

Are you looking to write a TV Series this summer?

At Young Screenwriters, we're always searching for new ways to help writers (and ourselves) achieve their goals without the frustration that can come with trying to write something all by yourself.

Part of this process has been the development of the Young Screenwriters Tentpole, which is a beat sheet with all the critical elements you need to create a dynamic story. You might be familiar with our Feature Tentpole, but we've also created Tentpoles for serialized stories! (They're all completely free).

3-Act Tentpole - 30 minutes (or under) episodes

5-Act Tentpole - 60 minute episodes

Series Tentpole - For the entire series and beyond

Last summer, we developed a brand new course designed specifically around how to use these Tentpoles to craft a serial story suitable for both Networks and Streamers like Netflix and Amazon called Writing the Pilot.

We had an amazing team of beta testers work through the course, and the shows they developed are fantastic! We've even had one of our students get optioned!

You can learn more about their experiences through their testimonials.

From now until July 20th, we want to share Writing the Pilot with you for 30% off. That means the course, which is usually $147, will be only $102.97. Use Code SUMMER24 to get your discount or click below!

We can't wait to see your show! Don't forget to visit us in our Discord Community to network, hang out, and get feedback on your ideas.



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